Curriculum Vitae

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Personal History

I remember writing my first <html> in 2000. Creating portfolios for my design, illustration, and art work is what drew me into web. I continued iterating my personal sites and continued learning with each iteration. Flash, CSS, JS, Apache, FireBug, content management systems, PHP, and SQL, and so on, and so on. After 10 years of design, more personal sites, HTML emails, and freelance web projects, I had enough demonstrable experience to convince someone to let me develop for a living.

Queue the learning: CSS3, versioning, 960 grids, “above the fold”, “nobody scrolls”, jQuery, Chrome!, DevTools, “mega menus”, DNN, responsive design, mobile, apps, Drupal, Foundation, regex, Sass, css resets, SEO, analytics, e-commerce, Magento, preprocessing, browser support, a hatred for IE, polyfills, masonry.js, prefixing, git, NGINX, SSH, bash, linux, vi, git hooks, auto-prefixing, web fonts, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, “minimum viable product”, HTML 5, Composer, “mobile first”, Homebrew, Grunt, Gulp, Canvas, “hamburger”, “menu”, shaders, APIs, SDKs, Jenkins, Vagrant, Node.js, NPM, make files, SVG, “what about accessibility?”, Yeoman, ES6, YAML, Moustache, “everybody scrolls”, Angular, coffeescript, MVC, linting, Laravel, elasti-search, Algolia, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React, “hamburger it is then”, React Native, three.js, unit testing, heroku, WebGL, Flexbox, css grids, everything in the world js,, voice (Alexa, Google Home), machine learning, computer vision, Docker, WebPack, web assembly, headless, pipelines, webRTC, WebXR, and now static sites and Gatsby.

Work History

Paradowski   Creative

Technology Strategy Lead / Technology Director / Developer
2015 – Present

Arsenal Studios

Desginer / Developer
2011 – 2014

Steady Rain

Desginer / Developer
2010 – 2011

School History

Art Institute of Chicago

1998-1999 – BFA – Illustration and Design

Rhode Island School of Design

1997-1998 – Illustration

Winthrop University

1995-1997 – Fine Art