Curriculum Vitae

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Personal History

I remember writing my first <html> in 2001 while working as a designer for a children's pajama company outside of Chicago. Creating portfolios for my graphic design, illustration, and art work is what first got me into the web, Flash, CSS and JS. Eventually my interest was more in the web work itself so I stuck to that and have been working solely in the web since 2010.

I love the puzzle and problem solving aspects of code and web development.

Work History

Paradowski   Creative

Developer / Digital Team Lead
Three years
2015 - Present

Arsenal Studios

Desginer / Developer
Three years
2011 - 2014

Steady Rain

Desginer / Developer
1.5 Years
2010 - 2011


Desginer / Developer
12 Years
2006 - Present

School History

Art Institute of Chicago

1998-1999 - BFA - Illustration and Design

Rhode Island School of Design

1997-1998 - Illustration

Winthrop University

1995-1997 - Fine Art